E-Commerce Fulfillment

we make ecommerce
fulfillment easy

Say goodbye to stacks of boxes! Our ecommerce fulfillment services help you optimize— saving time and money. Use the Evolucity delivery experience to exceed customer delivery expectations, and use your time to supercharge your customer relationships.

Is figuring out the shipping situation for your online business leaving you feeling overwhelmed? Let our experienced logistics experts help you define your shipping strategy. Our ecommerce fulfillment services help you optimize for time and cost, to give you the space to focus on building your brand. 

How it Works

About our Ecommerce Fulfillment Services

Evolucity Commerce Fulfillment started in 2014 in Houston, Texas. We take great pride in being
a reliable, accurate, and cost efficient shipping solution for ecommerce companies. Our services
include Multi-Channel Ecommerce Fulfillment, Retail (B to B) Fulfillment, FBA (Fulfillment By
Amazon) Prep Services, Seller Fulfilled Prime Services, Subscription Box Fulfillment,
Crowdfunding Fulfilment, and Project Fulfillment.

We specialize in domestic and international pick and pack fulfillment and storage services for e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Amazon and similar marketplaces. Our warehouse locations are in Los Angeles California and Houston Texas.

Our goal is to provide you consistent and accurate order fulfillment so you can focus on
marketing and growing your ecommerce business.

Ecommerce Platform Integrations

Our shipping platform syncs directly with most major shopping cart platforms and marketplaces to automate orders to our warehouses as they are placed.

Integrate easily with some of the most popular ecommerce hosting platforms available. Evolucity can also integrate with custom websites through our custom client onboarding process. 

Carriers We Contract With

When an online order is received through the ecommerce fulfillment integration, we’ll pick,
pack, and ship each order with the best fit carrier based on shipping cost and expected
delivery times. We provide carrier rate shopping to make sure we are maximizing cost savings for each order. With our annual shipping volumes we have negotiated discounted rates with all carriers and pass our savings to you.

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