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Market mail is a great way to get your end clients more familiar with your products. Evolucity Commerce’s market mail services help you choose, inventory, warehouse, and ship mass parcels for marketing purposes to provide your clients with a premier experience of your products. We can also offer customized packaging for a delivery experience that truly represents your brand.

Our mass market mail services help you optimize for time and cost, use the delivery experience to beat customer expectations, introduce your customers to new and existing products they may be unfamiliar with, and truly showcase the power of your brand through the customer experience. 

How it Works

Mass Parcel Shipping

EVOLUCITY Commerce can help you send multiple shipments through our mass parcel shipping service. Using our mass parcel shipping services can help you save time and money by finding the right options for all of your packages. Avoid the headache of individual shipping by getting a bulk rate shipping quote and send all of your packages in one mass shipment. 

Custom Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription boxes are a great way for business owners to create a loyal customer following and introduce customers to a variety of products in your product line. Additionally, monthly subscription boxes are a great way for businesses to recognize monthly recurring revenue. 

Partner with EVOLUCITY Commerce to learn more about how we can help you create and ship monthly subscription boxes for your customer base. Our services include picking, packing, and shipping on a designated dates each month for your monthly subscription customers. We can also work with you and your team to ensure you have the right custom packaging that truly showcases your brand and the experience you want your customers to have. 

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