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Warehousing Efficiency Best Practices

We follow industry best practices for most efficient operating models. 
At EVOLUCITY Commerce Fulfillment Centers, you’ll find a friendly, team-oriented culture in a clean, safe and climate-controlled environment. Our stations and operations are configured for maximum efficiency and our employees are trained to work in ways that allow for minimal shrinkage and optimal accuracy. 

How to use an RF Gun or Scanner

PICKING Orders In A Warehouse
WHAT HAPPENS IN A WAREHOUSE!? When you order online on any retail store’s website your product appears at your door sometimes the very next day! This is because, Workers in the warehouse or distribution center or fulfilment centre, whatever you want to call it, work hard to make this happen.  With the many retail store closing down as a result of more online shopping, and cost cutting measure, you may want to pursue a career in the distribution and logistic sector. 

Free Up Time

Automate Your Ecommerce Fulfillment
Get global ecommerce shipping and fulfillment with some of the newest innovations in ecommerce logistics.Efficient, Fast and Affordable Global Fulfillment Solutions for Your E-commerce.

Traditional Warehousing vs Ecommerce or Order Fulfillment

Join us with Warehouse Compliance & Fulfillment experts as we learn about ecommerce online order fulfillment and distribution. Our experts will give a quick rundown on the process, best practices, and do’s & don’t’s in an ecommerce world, then open up for a Q&A Session. Contact us for a free warehousing or fulfillment consultation at [email protected]

Multiple Warehouse Locations
Los angeles - houston - brooklyn

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