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Our team has the expertise and infrastructure to provide you with expert warehousing solution through locations in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. Partnering with Evolucity gives you flexibility to grow your business, while we take care of your warehouse needs. We cn help with a variety of warehouse services.

Warehousing Features

Looking for LA, Houston, or New York Supply Chain Needs, we got you covered!

Why Choose Us?

Warehousing and Distribution

A service designed to meet any third-party logistics warehousing and distribution needs. Whether you are a small or big company that needs warehousing, Evolucity have you covered. Whether you need storage for just a few hours or for several months at a time our warehousing service can accommodate your needs. EVO will also provide all the necessary software and support accommodations for the bulk distribution, deconsolidation, cross dock, and tailors services well beyond basic warehousing functions of inventory management, order processing and shipping. 

EVO seeks to provide customized solutions to its customers by seeking out the most effective, cost-efficient services available. By allowing an outside company to handle your delivery and freight needs, you can focus on what you do best: running your business. An outside experienced logistics company is better prepared to make quick changes along with the ever-changing industry.

We provide extra services such as packaging, labeling, returns management, customer care, transportation management, many more!

Services Provided

We Also Offer Value Added Services Including

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