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NEXT Generation in 3PL Providers

Evolucity strives to be a high-touch, customizable 3PL fulfillment company who works for you and with you. We serve a wide range of e-commerce and enterprise customers each with their own unique needs. From early stage entrepreneurs to well-established operations, we focus on logistics, so you can focus on growth. 


Complete 3PL Solutions

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, provide businesses the opportunity to outsource logistics. A complete 3PL solution offers inventory management, receiving, warehousing, packaging, and shipping services in one place. 3PL services can be used by ecommerce businesses of all sizes--- whether a growing entrepreneur or an established operation, Evolucity has a 3PL solution to fit your needs.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

We specialize in domestic and international pick and pack fulfillment and storage services with integrations to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Amazon and similar marketplaces. We have warehouse locations in Los Angeles, California, Houston, Texas, and will be expanding to Brooklyn, New York in 2020 for optimal shipping speed configurations.

Warehouse & Distribution

Are you a growing company? Our team has the experience to execute accurately and timely to help grow your business. Partnering with Evolucity gives you flexibility to expand and grow your business, while we'll take care of the warehouse needs. Whether you need storage, transportation, bulk distribution, or a variety of warehouse services we can help.

Mass Parcel marketing

Samples are a great way to get your end clients more familiar with your products. Evolucity's mass parcel marketing helps you choose, inventory, warehouse, and ship mass parcels for marketing purposes to provide your clients with a premier experience of your products. We can also offer customized packaging for a delivery experience that truly represents your brand.


Discounted Shipping Rates

We help our clients reduce shipping costs by offering a variety of carrier and shipping options. We can help you choose the best fit solution for your needs to help maximize your cost savings.

Customer Service

Our goal is for every customer to have an amazing customer experience with Evolucity. From onboarding to fulfilmment, we have a dedicated support team to handle your requests 7 days a week.

Multiple Warehouses

You can ship from one location or from multiple locations. We'll provide you the best fit solution based on your shipping needs. Shipping your orders from multiple warehouse locations provides zone relief and lowers shipping costs. Ask us how today!

What our clients say

Don’t take our word, hear it from our clients. Client happiness is our utmost priority.

"I moved to Evolucity from another 3PL when they kept dropping the ball. Since I have made the switch my shipments go out faster, products arrive quicker and I have less customer complaints. When I have a question for the Evolucity team I get a quick response even on the weekends! This is how shipping should be! So glad I made the switch."
Elisa A.
"I don’t have anything else to say other than I LOVE THESE GUYS! They’ve made my shipping process so much smoother than when I shipped my products myself. Now I don’t need to worry about employees, warehouse space, insurance etc. All I do is focus on building my business! I wish I would have moved sooner!"
James G.

Multiple Warehouse Locations
Los angeles - houston - brooklyn

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